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Alfamacchine Clamping Pad System

Alfamacchine's clamping pad system utilizes different clamping pad firmness based on moulding hardness and decorative finishes. Available in soft, medium and hard, the system provides the following application benefits...

  • Three different pads are available based on moulding hardness, contour, finishes or coatings improving joining performance
  • Replacement pads are made with a degree of elasticity conforming to the contour of the moulding improving clamping without damaging delicate surfaces
  • Color coded for easy identification - Blue (SW), Yellow (MW), Black (HW)
  • Easy field replaceable or quick change to different clamping pad depending on joining application
  • All clamping pads are interchangeable with magnetic, single, and double metal pressure plates
  • Adaptable with Single or Double Hydraulic Clamping Mechanisms
  • Clamping Pad System can be used with all Alfamacchine's Frame Joining Machinery



Part Number Information
P/N Description
397100003 Blue Replacement Pad for SW
397100002 Yellow Replacement Pad for MW
397100001 Black Replacement Pad HW
397100005 Magnetic, Single Metal Pressure Plate
242230300 Single Metal Pressure Plate
242230320 Double Metal Pressure Plate
Sales & Technical Documents
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Clamping Pad System

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