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Alfamacchine TA-350

Automatic Vertical Mitre Saw Cutting Process

Alfamacchine offers a complete Double Mitre Saw Cutting and Joining Process with up to six process stations including material handling, material gripper system for moving moulding to cutting station, double mitre cutting, movement of cut frame pieces and the process completion with frame joining with its U-500 and U-600 Joining Machinery.

Process Steps and Operation

Step #1 - Material Feeder - Vertical and Hortizonal Available

Vertical Feeder

  • Designed with three Support Material Arms
  • Vertical Feeder Loading Capacity – 15 to 40 mouldings depending on moulding thickness
  • Maximum length of moulding 3000mm
  • Minimum length of moulding 1200mm

Horizontal Feeder

  • Material Feeder with 3000mm moulding transfer arm
  • 1000mm Feeder Extensions are available up to 6000mm
Step #2 - Material Gripper System

Grabs moulding to continually feed material to Saw Station

Step #3 - Double Mitre Saw Cutting
  • Maximum Moulding Width — 80mm
  • Maximum Moulding Height —70mm
  • Motors - 2 x 1,5 kW
  • Saw blades - 2 x Ø 350mm
Step #4 - Part Unloading Belt

Belt allows the removal of Cut Pieces (optional)

  • Equipped with “Part Present” Photocell
  • Kicks Cut Pieces to Pneumatic Conveyor Belt for Step #5 of the process
Step #5 - Pnuematic Step by Step Conveyor Belt (optional)

Step by Step Movement of Cut Pieces

  • Moves Pieces to Frame Joining Area
  • 600mm wide x 2000mm long
Step #6 - Framing Joining (optional)

Alfamacchine’s U-500 and U-600 Machinery

  • Single or Multi-Channel V-Nail Machinery
  • High Volume Product Joining
  • Database Frame Profile Integration
  • Auto-Placement Software Feature
  • Superior Clamping System - Single or Double Clamp
TA-350 Auto-Saw Factory Floor Layout

Shown with Vertical Material Feeder, Double Mitre Saw Station and Optional Kick out Conveyor


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