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AMP U-200

Manual Underpinner

The U-200 is an entry-level frame assembly machine for any small retail operation. As a fully manual machine, it requires no compressed air or electrical power to operate. This unit allows the framer or graphic shop owner to bring the joining operation in-house for cost control and quick customer turn-a-around.

The U-200 is compact, quite operation and has a small footprint. Our lightest and most portable joiner, it can be easily moved from place to place in your business environment. It can handle moulding sizes up to 5 1/8” (130mm) wide and 3 ¼” (80mm) high, offers a tilting base with front or rear set-up and a “positive placement” clamping feature.

Enjoy years of trouble-free operation with AMP’s unique V-Nail driver assembly designed to eliminate frequent blade changing.

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Unique Performance Features
  • U-200 unique V-Nail Driver Assembly provides trouble- free operation – Up to 1 Million Cycles
  • Pedal Actuator – Requires limited force for nail insertion
  • Spring-loaded pull pin locking clamp mechanism allows quick adjustment for different size mouldings
  • Light weight – Easy shop mobility
  • Quite operation – Ideal for retail type shop operations
  • Easy table tilt adjustment
  • Join either from front or back of machine
  • Cable adjustment for actuator pedal height
  • Requires small foot print: 18” (450mm) wide x 30” (750mm) deep
Frame Joining Capabilities

Moulding Width
(min to max)

Moulding Height
(min to max)

Max Distance
Between V-Nails

¼” up to 5 1/8”
(6-130 mm)

¼” up to 3 ¼”
(6-80 mm)

7” (180 mm)

Pre-set V-Nail
Position Stops

V-Nail Sizes

V-Nail Channel


5, 7,10,12,15 mm

220 V-Nails/channel

Part Number Information
Part Number 04-007
Purchase Package
  U-200 Purchase Package
(1) 7mm Nail Head
(1) 10mm Nail Head
(1) 12mm Nail Head
(1) Single Vertical Positive Placement Clamp
(1) Single Metal Pressure Plate
(1) Magnetic Support for Vertical Placement Clamp
(1) Blue Rubber Pads (SW)
(1) Yellow Rubber Pads (MW)
(1) Black Rubber Pads (HW)
(1) 4mm Allen Wrench
(1) 5mm Allen Wrench
(1) 6mm Allen Wrench
(1) Magnetic V-Nail Pick-up Tool
(1) Machine Manual
Replacement Parts & Accessories
P/N Description
04-048 Extension Wings Kit
04-167 Magnetic Base for Clamp Assembly
41-221 Single Vertical Positive Placement Clamp
04-020 Single Metal Pressure Plate
04-023 Magnetic - Single Metal Pressure Plate
04-026 Blue Replacement Rubber Pad (recommended for SW)
04-025 Yellow Replacement Rubber Pad (recommended for MW)
04-024 Black Replacement Rubber Pad (recommended for HW)
41-157 Adjustable Fence - 2 Knobs
41-333 Fixed Fence - 120°
41-334 Fixed Fence - 135°
04-090 Nail Head – 3mm
04-095 Nail Head – 5mm
04-091 Nail Head – 7mm
04-092 Nail Head – 10mm
04-093 Nail Head – 12mm
04-094 Nail Head – 15mm
Machine Dimensions & Weight
Length 30” (750mm)
Width 18” (450mm)
Height 50” (1280mm)
Weight 83 lbs. (38kg)
Sales & Technical Documents

U-200 Operating Manual - Version H 1.png

U-200 AMP Sellsheet 1-9-15.jpg
 U 200