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Blister & Colorized Tube Packaging

Fletcher’s Matched Component Technology

Our Matched Component Technology also includes our market-unique and patented packaging solutions for easy component identification and process line handling through packaged wheel cutting assemblies.

Fletcher’s Blister Packaging Solution

Blister Packaging

This market-exclusive, blister packaging is designed to package Fletcher’s line of carbide cutting wheels, inserts, clip units and axles, offering customers the benefit of easier component identification at the process line and better inventory control.


Customer Process Value and Benefits
  • Provides easy component identification for process line operator reducing the risk of using wrong wheel angle or other glass cutting components
  • Allows customized package labeling based on individual customer needs, e.g. production line identification, company’s internal code or part number aiding internal process control standards
  • Improves customer’s inventory and cost control as compared to other supplier’s packaging methods
  • Allows customers to purchase wheel holder/axle/cutting wheel assemblies rather than individual components - provides easier handling for process line operator
Packaging Specifications - Blister Pack
  • Individually perforated for easy separation from master blister card
  • Peel away corner for component removal, reducing the risk of lost components
  • 25 individually packaged components on each card - packages in 100-piece master shipper ready for customer’s inventory storage
  • Seal tight blister packaging to individually hold cutting wheels, axles, clip units & inserts
  • Blisters available in clear and amber depending on the Fletcher componentblister_colorized_tube_packaging_specifications.png


Packaging Specifications - Colorized Caps
  • blister_colorized_tubes.pngFletcher packages all of its Carbide Cutting Wheels in a plastic tube with a patented colorized cap for easy wheel angle identification
  • The top of the cap is also marked with the wheel angle in case the wheel holding pin is separated from the plastic tube
  • Eliminates possibility of using the wrong angle on the production line
  • Aids in inventory control and stocking accuracy
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