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F-60 - Semi-rigid | Flexible Cutter

Now any in-house shop, for any industry, can finally cut a variety of semi-rigid/flexible materials with the affordable Fletcher F-60 Cutter.

Fletcher’s F-60 cutter is like no other featuring a unique plastic knife cartridge allowing quick and safe blade change, a lock down pressure clamp for tightly securing the material, and a “lock and cut” feature. You get it all with Fletcher’s F-60 Cutter. Use either as a table-top or wall-mounted cutter- you decide what best suits your shop needs.


F-60 Unique Performance Features
  • Features a unique plastic knife blade cartridge allowing quick and safe blade changes
  • Cutting head equipped with “Lock & Cut” feature – cutting head lowers and locks during cutting process
  • Lock down pressure clamp – securely holds material in place while cutting ridge substrates
  • Table-top or wall-mounted cutting

Plastic Knife Blade Cartridge – Window Shade

  • Utilizes a .015" thick blade providing exceptional cutting and edge quality with all paper based products as well as PVC materials up to 3mm thickness
  •  Blade is permanently molded into a plastic jacket for safe handling
  •  Allows for quick blade change
  • Contains four measuring settings indicating depth of cut
F-60 Substrate Cutting Capability

Semi-Rigid Materials

  • Foamboard (Up to 1/2'' "13 mm")
  • Corrugated Plastics (Up to 6mm)
  • PVC (Up to 3 mm)
  • Cardboard
  • Matboard Sizing

Flexible Substrates

  • Canvas & Vinyl
  • Banner Materials
  • Laminated Art/Photo Mounted on Foamboard
  • Digital Prints, Photo Paper

Cutting Capacity: 62” (1.57M)

Purchase Package

F-60 Purchase Package – includes (3) Plastic Knife Blade Jackets

Part Number Information
P/N Description
04-722 F-60 Substrate Cutter
05-235 Knife Blade Jacket Replacements/Box of (10)
04-723 Wall-mount Accessory Kit
17-811 Sight Line Replacement Kit
Machine Dimensions

Cutting Head Features
  • Cutting head unit equipped with “Lock & Cut” feature – cutting head lowers and locks during cutting process


Table Construction

  • 1.5mm sheet metal table construction preventing warping of cutting table over time
  • Lock down pressure clamp - Improves cutting control and edge quality by securely
    holding material in place while cutting rigid substrates
  •  Equipped with built-in squaring arm to securely hold the material for 90° cutting
  • Full table measuring graphic grid for straight line and angle cutting of 30°, 45°, 60°
    and 75° - includes spare part numbers for easy re-ordering reference
Wall-Mounted Set-up
  • Easy to install on any wall
  • Requires wall foot print of:
    74” (1.88M) x 44” (1.12M)
  • Cutting head carriage can be field adjusted when used in the wall-mount set-up configuration – head remains stationary  above material prior to cutting process
  • No loose hardware – contains all threaded inserts
  • Hanging weight: 45 lbs. (20.5 kg)

Technical Documents
F60_ownersmanual.png F60_Sellsht.png
F-60 Manual F-60 Semi-Rigid/Flexible Cutter