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GeminiPro - Large Format Cutter

Fletcher’s Gemini Pro straight line cutter cuts a variety of semi-rigid materials up to 120” (3.0m) and is highly recommended for cutting large format graphics replacing a straight edge and knife.

Unique Performance Features
  • UPF_Geminipro.pngUtilize table-mounted elevators to raise cutter above graphics for positioning cut line
  • Features sight line strip for cutting accuracy
  • No repositioning of the straight-edge required; allows you to line up the material for the entire length of the cut especially with large printed graphics or materials
  • Eliminate fatigue/injuries while working with large graphics
  • Knife cutting blades are manufactured to Fletcher engineering specifications resulting in:
    • Better life and cutting performance
    • Blade to blade consistency
    • Elimination of “blade deflection” when cutting harder substrates
  • Ergonomic cutting head designed for right or left-handed push or pull cutting
Gemini Pro Substrate Cutting Capability
  • Digital Prints (Photo Papers and Vinyl)
  • Canvas & Vinyl
  • Laminated Art/Photos mounted on Foamboard
  • Corrugated Plastics up to 1/2" (13mm)
  • PVC up to 1/4" (6mm)
  • Banner Materials
  • Foamboard up to 1/2" (13mm)
Purchase Package

(1) Gemini Pro Rail Cutter
(1) Knife Blade Holder
(100) Knife Blades
(1) Instruction Manual
One set of wall storage brackets

Part Number Information
04-740 Gemini-Pro 40" (1.0m)
04-741 Gemini-Pro 60" (1.5m)
04-742 Gemini-Pro 80" (2.0m)
04-743 Gemini-Pro 100" (2.5m)
04-744 Gemini-Pro 120" (3.0m)
Machine Dimensions

Technical Documentation
GeminiPro Literature.jpg

Table Mount
Elevator Instructions

Flexible/ Semi-Rigid