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Safely hangs framed artwork, mirrors, shadow boxes and wall décor up to 100 lbs through the use of our patented No-Wire Hanging System. Used with wood, metal or plastic frames, wall décor remains level, safe, and permanently secure with enhanced wall appearance.

Product packages are available for all types of wall décor hanging for the home consumer or OEM requirements.

Consumer packages purchased online include everything needed to hang your decorative wall décor project.

Nails |Markers |Brackets |Screws | Bubble Level |Bumpers

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Customer Reviews

Love Your Hangers!

Love your hangers!
I purchased two canvas prints from Cafe Press and was introduced to your products upon unwrapping them. I absolutely loved how easy it was to hang both prints and how firmly they were attached to my walls upon completion. Your hanging system is the best and easiest way to hang art that I have come across. Congrats on an awesome product. I hope it serves you and yours well.

Ryan W.

Easy, Accurate and Secure

Absolutely awesome!
This system was on about 10 large canvases we bought from Great Big Canvas. I was blown away by how easy, accurate and secure the system is. I am an architect and have been in the development building profession for 30 years..... I appreciate systems like this....

I don’t know if the average Joe would appreciate how well thought out the hardware works.

Love it!

Whoever Came Up With This System Is Genius!

Seriously, whoever came up with this system is genius! We love them and I will continue to buy them and keep them on hand for hanging new projects throughout our house. You guys have made it fool-proof so I don't have to worry about extra holes or my photos being crooked... or otherwise ruining the walls. What a god-send!

Jill K.

Brilliant - Inventive - Easy

We purchased a framed print with your No Wire Hanging system attached. The kit also included a mini bubble level, and clear, step-by-step instructions. The metal hangers were already attached to the picture frame.

To be honest, we had our doubts about hanging the picture using this method, but since we had had varied (mostly bad) results hanging all the other pictures in our new home, we figured we had nothing to lose. In less than two minutes, the picture was on the wall- perfectly level. No extra holes, no pencil marks, no loud "discussions" between the picture hanger and the "supervisor". First order of business was to get online and see if we could purchase more of this great product!!!

Brilliant – Inventive - Easy. We love your No Wire System! Thank you!

Mike and Barb S.

No-wire hanging system is fantastic

I think that your no-wire hanging system is fantastic. I've previously purchased some canvases online, and your product was included as the mounting hardware. I like the system so much that I bought a box to use for any other pictures I need to hang in the future.

I had a difficult time searching the internet for your product as I didn't know what to call it. So I took a canvas off the wall and found your website stamped on the brass bracket.

Thank you again,

John H.

Product Features

  • Replaces D-rings, wire and saw tooth hangers
  • Wall décor remains level, safe, and permanently secure
  • Safely holds artwork, signage, mirrors, and wall décor up to 100 lbs
  • Great for hanging multiple framed group art or graphics that are evenly spaced
  • Fits most wood and plastic frames 5/8" wide or wider
  • Frames mount flush to the wall enhancing the appearance of the framed art or communication signage

Part Number Information

P/N Description
09-201 In-shop installation w/ DIY Parts Kit - Box of 100 sets
09-204 10 Pack for Wood and Plastic Frames
09-205 2 Pack for Wood and Plastic Frames
09-207 Single Pack - Heavy Duty for Large frames and mirrors
09-208 Single Pack for Metal Frames

Informational Product Materials

BulkPctPerfct.png PP_PartsOnly2.png
Bulk packaging Hanging Hardware Kit

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